Mega64 Version 4.1 Revengurrection Ultimate Edition Blu Ray

$ 29.99

In the not too distant future... the sinister scientist Dr. Poque has recruited a group of unwilling test subjects, Rocko and Derek, to test the Mega64! At least, he did 10 years ago... now the sinister doctor is dead and the boys are trapped in his basement! What's worse, they are under the control of the dead doctor's moronic roommate, Horatio and he has big, criminally illegal plans for them!

Meanwhile... The Electric 6, a team of high voltage assassins, have set their sights on the advanced technology developed by the company SarnoTech, whose latest invention (The Heart2) can turn even the weakest and most feeble human into an unstoppable powerhouse. The Electric 6, and their leader - the wheelchair bound genius Stephen H. King - will stop at nothing to have it!

The only problem? Rocko and Derek broke into SarnoTech and got to the Heart2 first!

Worlds collide! Team mates will die! Who will survive? Revenge?! Resurrections?!

It's Mega64 Version 4: Revengurrection!!!

Watch our thrilling new movie, produced here in a physical edition by our friends at Limited Run Games!

This ultimate edition 2-disc set contains the movie with commentary, exclusive behind the scenes documentary, an archive of public game experiments from the past decade with commentary and MORE!

Packaging also includes reversible cover. This Blu Ray set is Region Free