Mega64: Version 2 Special Edition DVD

$ 19.99

The complete second season of Mega64 is back in this all-new anniversary DVD set. This second series of half-hour episodes- featuring many of the very skits that caused people to discover Mega64 in the first place- is remastered and packed with new features. This set contains: The complete and unforgettable second season of Mega64′s full length show Original 2006 Commentary on each episode! New 2011 5th Anniversary Commentary! Hear what the crew thinks of these old episodes today! (NEW!) “Bullet Belt From Dracula- The Mega64 Story Part 2″ The original Mega64 V2 Documentary with NEW commentary track! “The Xbox Massacre.” Mega64’s failed Xbox 360 launch skit that cost them their money AND their flesh! (NEW!) The original uncut version of “Ode To Sue” (NEW!) “The Raw Footy Files”- Uncut, fly-on-the-wall documentary footage for every episode! Tons of discovered footage from your favorite episodes and skits! (NEW!) The original Electronic Gaming Monthly intro segments! GBSTV Black Friday Host Segments! (NEW!) Old and new secrets, and MUCH MUCH MORE!! Region Free!