Mega64 Once Upon A Time Blu Ray

$ 24.99

Come into the cabin for warmth. Lay your head back as we tell you a tale at bedside... a story of long ago, in an age before internet... in a time where the magic of laughter could save the world. Or, you could also check out some rad vids from a couple years ago. Which will you choose? The conflict is alive in MEGA64 ONCE UPON A TIME, the new Blu-ray collection from Mega64. This 2 Disc set presents the team's eccentric works from 2014-2015, alongside a gripping new fairy tale, presented in FULL HIGH DEFINITION with lossless audio. This 2 DISC set (with reversible art cover) contains one Blu Ray disc full of classic skits and commentaries on EVERY single item. Then you get a second Blu Ray disc full of Mega64's commercial videos, brand new and classic behind the scenes documentaries, commentaries, and much more, all at no extra charge. Packaging also includes reversible cover. This Blu Ray set is Region Free