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Mega64 In 5 Minutes Blu Ray

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The ultimate Blu-ray collection of Mega64's "In 5 Minutes" series of "sweded" videos; re-enacting the greatest stories in anime and video game history with homemade materials. This 2 disc set contains every "In 5 Minutes" short film by Mega64, plus HOURS of behind the scenes and audio commentary on the creation of these unforgettable homemade adventures.

This 2 Disc Blu-ray set includes:

  • The Saiyan Saga In 5 Minutes
  • The Frieza Saga In 5 Minutes
  • The Cell Saga In 5 Minutes
  • The Boo Saga In 5 Minutes
  • MGS In 5 Minutes
  • Eva In 5 Minutes
  • EOE In 5 Minutes
  • Audio Commentary on all "In 5 Minutes" Films from the Mega64 crew
  • Saiyan Saga Behind The Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Freeza Behind The Scenes
  • Cell Phone Footage And Other Scraps from 2015
  • Sound Effects Reel
  • Cell Behind The Scenes
  • Extended Cell Behind The Scenes (Costumes)
  • Boo Preview
  • Boo Behind The Scenes
  • Extended Boo Behind The Scenes
  • Who Made The Spirit Bomb?
  • Exploding The Earth
  • Eva Teaser
  • Eva Behind The Scenes
  • Extended Eva Behind The Scenes
  • Extended EOE Behind The Scenes
  • More...?

The Blu Ray is region free.